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2019 Board and Committee Positions All board positions and committee positions with the Sylvan Lake Homes Association are non-paid volunteer positions, with the exception of the treasurer/accountant for the association. That person receives a nominal monthly fee to monitor all account information, handle correspondence, pay expenses incurred by the association, collect dues, and generate monthly profit and loss statements. Monitoring is done to assure that we remain in compliance with the bylaws of the association. All board and committee members volunteer by attending board meetings, assist with care and upkeep of the common areas of the subdivision, and coordinate and execute events throughout the year.

​SylvanLake Homes Association

COMMUNICATION- If you wish to contact a member of the board of directors of the Sylvan Lake Homes Association, you may email using the information provided on this page. 

EVENTS-For information regarding activities like the Easter Egg Hunt / Spring Fling or Fourth of July Parade at Sylvan Lake, or if you're interested in volunteering to help, contact Jill Schutzler at 913.766.5559 or email Jill.

GARAGE SALE-For information regarding the annual Sylvan Lake Garage Sale contact a board member.

GROUNDS-For information regarding common grounds or ponds within the sub-division, contact the board.